We are a dedicated and experienced group of tabletop game industry professionals who want to make gaming more accessible to everyone through better communication, marketing outreach, positive community engagement, as well as helping other achieve and create games. 

Victoria Mann
Founder and Paralegal 

Victoria Mann is a paralegal  who left the devouring world of law to pursue a 7-year successful tabletop game career and currently wears many hats at White Wizard Games and is a fierce defender of justice and love. Her passions include her dogs Apollo and Athena, reading as often as possible, playing games, creating cool projects and educating others.

Apollo and Athena
Pupper management 

Apollo And Athena are both just starting their careers at 4 years old. They take on the roles of Chief Napping Officers and Cuddle Motivators. Apollo has a passion for any food item ever and being jealous of when his sister gets attention. While Athena has a more refined pallet and enjoys the finer things in life such as playing soccer and going to bark at lizards. 

Brian Neff
Designer Game and Developer 

Brian Neff is an RPG and board game designer from Boston, MA. He co-designs with many other industry professionals and his latest project was being a co-designer on Avalon Hill's Betrayal Legacy. Brian is also a national debate champion and will argue about anything with anyone at anytime. 

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